‘Blooming’ during the pandemic

blooming during the pandemic - ‘Blooming’ during the pandemic

FIVE MONTHS into quarantine, people have more or less settled in the new normal — staying at home or working outside while taking the necessary measures to protect themselves. This also means that more people are taking self-care seriously, even if it’s just to lessen the stress of living in such a volatile world.

Two beauty brands, Avon and Nivea, have taken steps to promote self-care as they encourage women (or men, or anyone, really) to live life “in full bloom,” with both announcing two lines with floral motifs and/or ingredients.

“The new Floral Wonderland collection is the latest manifestation of our work for women empowerment which Avon has always stood for,” Anna Garces, director of marketing at Avon Philippines, said during the launch on Aug. 4 via Zoom.

The Floral Wonderland lipstick collection is a limited edition collection featuring six of Avon’s most popular colors in matte finish inside  floral packaging: Floral Fuschia, a vivid mid-tone pink with blue undertones; Ruby Rose Red, a classic rose-burgundy; Midnight Orchid, a deep bruised plum; Dainty Coral, a red with hints of burnt apricot; Red Poppy, a bright true red; and Nude Petals, a stripped neutral brown.

Ms. Garces said the collection not only allows women who purchase it to “live life in full bloom” but also helps Avon representatives as each purchase, whether through a representative or online, benefits the representatives.

Aside from launching the collection, the direct-selling company also introduced the newest face of the Floral Wonderland collection, actress Bea Alonzo.

“From her career as an actress, screenwriter, entrepreneur, to her current mission as a philanthropist, she never lets anything — not hardship, heartbreak, not even a pandemic, get in her way of accomplishing her dreams,” Anna Fernandez-Llamas, Avon Philippines’ head of beauty, said in a statement.

Ms. Alonzo established the I Am Hope organization which supports frontliners, helps women to have livelihood, and underprivileged kids get an education. The organization was created during the strict lockdown  which  was announced in March and lasted until May.

“The quarantine actually allowed me to realize that I have a bigger purpose,” Ms. Alonzo said during the event.

The Floral Wonderland collection can be purchased through an Avon representative or online via Avonshop.ph. Each lipstick is priced at P349 each or get any two colors for P399.

In a similar vein, Nivea’s new Blooming Pink range is all about helping “Filipinas [bloom] confidently and beautifully so you can face a better tomorrow,” according to a release.

The range includes lotions, micellar cleansers, foam cleansers, and a deo essence. Most of the products in the range include Hokkaido Rose extract or oils, said to contain “36 times more antioxidants for clean and glowing skin.”

“Above all else, Nivea puts caring as its utmost priority. Hence, the Nivea Blooming Pink Range was born — for healthy, beautiful, glowing skin you can easily achieve at home,” Jamie Sanico-Sy Ching, Beiersdorf Philippines, Inc. marketing director, said at the Aug. 7 digital launch event.

Beiersdorf is the manufacturer of Nivea.

Nivea’s new range includes the Fair & Glow Whip Foam (P179 for 100 ml) and the Fair & Glow MicellAir Cleanser with 0% Alcohol (P179 for 200 ml). Both cleansers can be used during a double cleanse routine with the micellar cleanser removing makeup and the foam used to remove any other residue.

Nivea also has the Healthy Glow Cooling UV lotion (P249 for 200 ml). The lotion contains lotus extract, licorice extract, for that “instant cool” feeling, Vitamin C, and “added UV protection” for even-toned skin. Another variant, the Dewy Sakura (P199 for 200 ml), includes jojoba and argan oils and is scented with cherry blossoms and rose.

Finally, the range also has a Whitening Deo Essence with 0% Alcohol which comes in either Hokkaido Rose or Sakura (both priced at P114 for 50 ml). The deodorants are said to give 48-hour protection from sweat and odor and contain natural ingredients like licorice and Vitamin E to whiten underarms.

The new Nivea products are available online via Lazada or Shopee and at physical stores nationwide. — Zsarlene B. Chua

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