How a piping solutions company is keeping Filipinos safe from viruses

how a piping solutions company is keeping filipinos safe from viruses - How a piping solutions company is keeping Filipinos safe from viruses

Vesbo BIOCOTE, a European brand imported by Philippine company Techglobal Inc., is the first anti-microbial and anti-viral pipe in the country.

At a time when health and safety are of utmost public concern, even non-health industries, such as those in the construction business, are compelled to search for solutions that have both immediate and long-term benefits. Since the pandemic, architects, designers, and other industry professionals have been recalibrating their plans to consider all factors that form part of the so-called “new normal.” Among them are adding provisions for social distancing and proper building sanitation, as well as the improvement of water quality.

Techglobal Incorporated, a plumbing and fire protection solutions company established in 1996, has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to water piping systems. They were the first to bring to the Philippines and to Asia, the European made Vesbo PPRC Piping Systems, a brand of polypropylene random copolymer pipes that offer superior water quality and leakage protection.

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Developed by a German company and its Turkish manufacturing partner in 1992, Vesbo is a global leader in thermoplastic piping that ignited a trend in Europe and the Middle East in the late ‘90s. Vesbo PPRC is a better and more viable alternative to the traditionally used galvanized iron (GI) pipes, which were prone to rusting and leaking because of its vulnerable material. Recently, it teamed up with a British company called Biocote to develop an enhanced version of the Vesbo PPRC with anti-microbial and anti-viral properties that cleans water as it passes through.

As we continue the fight against COVID-19, it is only timely that Techglobal launched Vesbo Biocote in the Philippines recently. According to Aldrin Derrick Chua, Director of Marketing at Techglobal, the product adds a layer of protection for end-users as it reduces the risk of ingesting contaminated water coming from interconnected piping and plumbing systems. “This is the first and only anti-bacterial piping system in our country right now,” he says, raising the importance of Vesbo Biocote’s innovation during this health crisis.

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Vesbo Biocote pipes feature a thin film layer that contains antimicrobial additive. This is responsible for killing microbes, viruses, bacteria, etc. Not only does the product keep the water potable and free from unwanted elements, it also upgrades the quality of construction projects in general. “Vesbo has a lot of features that boast product quality: It’s lightweight. It’s made of high-quality raw materials and the machines and molds used to manufacture the product are also more sophisticated. We pride ourselves in bringing in new technology that’s better in quality and innovation compared to our competitors. That’s why we are the top choice of premiere developers” says Chua.

Among Techglobal’s clients are the country’s top property developers like SMDC, Ayala Land, Robinsons, Vista, Filinvest, Ortigas and Co, Century Properties, New San Jose, and Anchorland. These properties have been using Techglobal piping products such as Vesbo PPR for indoor piping systems, Vesbo Multi-layer UV PPR for outdoor piping systems, and the Vasen Sanitary HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is a better alternative to the orange PVC pipes commonly used in drainage and sanitary systems.

As for Vesbo Biocote, Techglobal targets to serve more end-users, especially healthcare facilities, by conducting product demos and seminars for architects, developers, designers, and contractors to choose the product, which has immediate and long-term benefits compared to cheaper brands. Some of the hospitals that currently use Vesbo are Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital and St. Lukes BGC. With proper upkeep and maintenance through the help of Techglobal’s efficient aftersales services, Vesbo pipes can last


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