How TDCX leads the way with a heart

how tdcx leads the way with a heart - How TDCX leads the way with a heart

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic — which caused total lockdowns, limited transportation, banned mass gatherings, and upended all kinds of businesses — TDCX Workspace Officer Reem Leonardo found herself at a crossroads: go to work and take care of her team, or risk getting sick.

“It was a mess. There was chaos! Nobody was prepared for it,” the working mom lamented, sharing further that she was contemplating even going to work or not. “I tried a few times to find a ride, but it was really difficult finding transportation to work.”

The clincher was her desire to be on-site for her team, who depended on her to accomplish work necessary to make everyone else’s work-from-home transitions easier. Unfortunately, the lockdown protocols just didn’t seem to be in her favor.

But Reem witnessed how TDCX pivoted through the crisis and went out of their way to make things happen for their employees. The company relocated employees unable to go to headquarters to nearby hotels, initially planning a 2-week stay, but extended eventually to a 2- month stay due to uncertainty. “It made me feel at ease knowing that I will be able to work and still be safe since my accommodation is a few steps away from the office. The chance of being exposed is very minimal,” she said. This attention to employee welfare helped make Reem and her colleagues feel better, even happier, about working through the pandemic especially if it meant enabling easier work-from-home transitions for the rest of the TDCX teams.

Meg Trasmonte, a TDCX Workplace Specialist, agrees. The company highlighted how constant, proactive, and clear communication played an important role in efficiently reaching out and helping its employees get through the crisis whole. The approach helped ease any worries and anxiety at work.

“It amazed me how alert, advanced, and hands-on this company is, especially that our country is under a state of emergency,” she exclaimed. “I appreciate the fact that the company never fails to update their employees through advisory emails. I believe this was a huge help, especially to those employees who work the graveyard shift and do not have the time to catch up on the news.”

Navigating the TDCX office in the new normal

TDCX complied with government-set protocolsand rolled out company-specific guidelines so its workforce could continue working safely amid the pandemic.

Reem, Meg, and many of their colleagues noticed the swift imposition of wearing face masks, temperature checking, and proper and thorough handwashing in their office. Disinfectants were also handed out to each employee. A laundromat was even installed on-site so that workers staying over could wash their clothes. TDCX was clearly up for the challenge of adapting to the new normal as quickly and as effectively as possible, for the benefit not just of the company, but of its people who make the company thrive.

“From the very beginning, we employees were the top priority of TDCX. Before the lockdown, they started to provide surgical masks, vitamins, alcohol, fruits — anything to help their employees avoid catching the virus,” Meg said.

TDCX also quickly adapted social distancing protocols and skeletal workforce shifting mandates to help further protect employee health and well-being amid the ever-changing community quarantine implementations. “The first month was dedicated to making sure that the work- from-home arrangements of 90% of our employees would comply with DOLE’s advice. For the rest of the skeletal workforce during the lockdown, on-site employees were well-taken care of. We had food provided at least once per shift, and we were given packs of canned goods, noodles, and crackers. We were also given a BCP allowance which helped aid us during these struggling times,” shared Reem.

“TDCX was ready,” emphasized Meg, pointing out that the company readily shifted from normal to new normal. “They have provided reminders not only on main doors but also in meeting rooms, production floors and even in the restrooms. They also did floor restrictions to ensure minimal contact. Shuttles were provided to those who go to the office,” she shared. Through these necessary adjustments, TDCX has stayed committed to its goal of bringing out employee happiness to drive success to the business. By keeping their workforce informed, listening to their concerns, and being proactive, TDCX upheld its value of putting employees first even during tough times.

Encouraging a #BeHappier environment

Aside from proactively complying with health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of its employees, Meg and Reem also shared that TDCX continues to keep its on-site and remote- working employees engaged through its online employee engagement activities. These online activities aim touplift employees’ spirits, boost their morale, and help them stay in tune with their mental health conditions.

“I found it wonderful that TDCX created online activities on taking care of our mental health, because honestly, while the virus is a threat to our health it can also cause our anxiety,” Meg said. She added that they feel fortunate to even be employed during these tough times in a company that puts employees’ welfare above all. “They made way for everyone. TDCX was able to maintain that homey vibe no matter how stressful the situation became.”

TDCX navigates the new normal with its continuous collective efforts aided by teamwork, clear communication, and positive company culture, proving that it’s not just another BPO, but a place to also grow, stay safe, and even have fun. And though the idea of being ‘happier’ at a time of pandemic seemed foreign to most, Reem, Meg, and their other colleagues know happiness to be true while they work for a company that cares for them.

“It may be challenging now and who knows until when, but I strongly believe we can make it through. We just have to be there for each other,” Reem encourages.

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TDCX puts their employees first: the skeletal workforce was provided with essentials such as surgical masks, vitamins, and alcohol, and even an on-site laundromat!

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