MultiSys launches SchoolBox platform for PHL academe

multisys launches schoolbox platform for phl academe - MultiSys launches SchoolBox platform for PHL academe

Recognizing the power of technology to keep the country’s education system running amid the current health crisis, leading software solutions firm Multisys Technologies Corporation launched its SchoolBox platform that supports online distance learning modalities.

SchoolBox is a digital academic platform of MultiSys that integrates school admin analytics, online enrollment with e-payment, digitized academic records, campus attendance monitoring, school SMS blasting, curriculum, online exams and modules for school administrators, teachers, and students—all in one portal.

Dashboard 1 990x1024 - MultiSys launches SchoolBox platform for PHL academe
SchoolBox User Dashboard. The platform automates lesson plans, exams, and academic records. It features an easy-to-use dashboard for students and teachers, as well as modules and analytic tools that track students’ performance.

With SchoolBox, the academe will be able to provide digital courses and allow online submission of homeworks, as well as enable students and teachers to use laptops and tablets forclass discussions. The platform can be used by schools, including colleges and universities, scholarship organizations and foundations, technical and vocational schools, tutorial centers, and online learning firms.

“The pandemic has been challenging the academe to find ways to enable students to keep studying, and teachers to fulfill their duties as educators. Our situation now may be difficult, but it’s not impossible—with proper tools and technologies in place. Which iswhy we launched our SchoolBox platform. It’s important that we help each other pull through during these difficult times,” MultiSys CEO David Almirol, Jr. said.

Almirol shared that virtual conferencing will soon be available in the SchoolBox platform.

“Homegrown technology is on the rise. Filipinos’ ingenuity in the IT industry is now being recognized in the global scene. We must patronize our own and see its beauty firsthand,” Almirol said.

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