MultiSys launches SMS messaging platform

multisys launches sms messaging platform txtbox com - MultiSys launches SMS messaging platform

Recognizing the importance of information dissemination during this time of quarantine lockdowns and other restrictions, leading software solutions company Multisys Technologies Corporation launched a ‘plug and play’ SMS messaging platform called

TXTBOX is a self-service SMS messaging platform developed by MultiSys to provide the public with the means to efficiently manage their SMS-based communications.

MultiSys has openly shared the sample integration source codes for PHP, Node, Python, Ruby, Go, jQuery, and cURL on the website so that IT companies and developers can easily integrate TXTBOX’s API to their own systems and applications.

System integrators can easily manage their account, buy credits, customize SMS templates, and request for SMS ‘masked’ senders, which will allow them to use TXTBOX for OTP generation, SMS blasting, business notifications, marketing and promotions.

The platform also comes with an online payment gateway so that users can conveniently top up their credits, anytime and anywhere.

MultiSys CEO and founder David Almirol, Jr. said, “Information dissemination is crucial, especially during this time when we are restricted from travelling or engaging in close physical contact. With TXTBOX, we can unleash the power of communication technology so we can continue with our work, push our advocacies, or even save lives. We anticipate that even beyond the period of this health crisis, this platform will help people cope with the ‘new normal’.”

Both public and private sectors will benefit from the platform, such as eCommerce and online retailers, companies with customer loyalty programs, financial services and remittance transfer provider, travel and transportation industries, insurance companies and HMO, advertising and marketing agencies, as well as government sectors, among others.

For more information, visit and, or like @multisyscorp on Facebook.

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